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Yaaic - Yet Another Android IRC Client


Sebastian Kaspari has made a rather cool Android IRC client based on PircBot. Check out the screenshots!

Comic Bot


Comic Bot is one of the IRC bots written by the author of the PircBot framework. It sits quietly in a channel, observing what people say. When it sees something that may have been amusing, it quickly generates a cartoon comic strip which can be viewed on the web.



NewsBot sends messages to all the channels it's in whenever there is a new news story. It retrieves the BBC's UK and World RSS feeds every minute and passes on the title of each article as it appears, along with a URL to the full article.



PircBot is not just for making bots. ScreenIRC is an IRC client based on the PircBot framework. I am rather impressed by this - what makes it different is that you can close the graphical user interface without being disconnected from the IRC server! You can then reconnect later and see what has happened on the channels you were on while away. Allows multiple server connections, autocompletion of nicks and words (!) from a dictionary of over 75000 words, plus a few other jibbly features.

MatchEd and PPF (PircBot Plugin Framework)


MatchEd allows you to view the progress of a game of Counter-Strike from within an IRC channel. It is a fully configurable IRC Matchbot that also supports a number of other HL mods, such as AHL, FA, DMC, NS and FLF.

PPF is a highly configurable IRC plugin framework with a number of useful plugins. Plugins include: game server query, game server admin shouter, BFTracks Finder, CB Finder, ED Finder, Say, Trigger Message, google, server auth, bad words, etc.

NeverWinter Nights(tm) Java Controller


This program is used to maintain a NeverWinter Nights server (nwserver) running on Linux. It takes advantage of the interactivity of the server and includes a small IRC client based on the PircBot framework. This makes it possible for the admin of a server to find other admins when trying to figure out some feature of the the NWNJcontrol system, or nwnserver in general.

ScumBOT and ScumBOT v2


Features Channel control, Integrated help system, Dynamic plug-in system which allows plugins to be written and installed while the bot is running, Reminders to remind you to do things after a certain amount of time, ScumBOT can pass messages to people the next time it sees them, ScumBOT notes the last action by every user and can tell you when it last saw someone and what they were doing, Tells the time, Google searches, Babelfish translations, Calculator based on JEP (Java Expression Parser). ScumBOT v2 is a complete rewrite with "vastly improved structure".


A very simple implementation of a PircBot that sits quietly in a channel, logging everything that happens. This log file can then be processed by a tool such as pisg to generate interesting and often amusing statistics about the channel. Written by Ben Charlton.



Scot is a Weblogbot - an IRC bot for creating weblogs for IRC communities. He was designed to be very like Scribot, since several of his users had previous experience with that bot. His syntax is not quite identical however, as he offers some features that that bot does not (eg the ability to search from IRC). Scot is written in in Java (the IRC bot) and PHP (the web interface) and stores its data in a MySql database, so the amount of setup required is not trivial.



BridgeBot is another simpler IRC bot by Steve Jolly that is designed to bridge infobots on two different IRC servers, giving two communities access to each other's shared memory. (Assuming their shared memories take the form of infobots. Other bots might work, too.)


This was the first IRC Bot to be based on the PircBot framework and is written and maintained by Paul Mutton with feedback and ideas supplied by some fellow students at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.  Monty started off by lurking in channels, learning word orderings and associations from other people in order to create its own random answers when people asked it stuff (which sometimes leads to some amusing quotes). It has since developed into something a bit more useful and has the following features: -

Sorry, but this bot is not available for download at the moment.

PircBot Client

Sometime referred to as "PBC" and also written by the PircBot author. This shows how the PircBot can also be used to make an IRC client as well as an IRC Bot!  This was made because the author couldn't find a decent IRC Client for his handheld Compaq iPAQ, so he thought he'd write his own.  It's pretty basic, but it provides an AWT graphical interface and all the commands you'd need for normal use.



This is a brilliant example of an IRC Bot being put to good use. The iscreamBot is part of the i-scream distributed central monitoring system. The full i-scream system is designed to monitor computers and send alerts as appropriate. PircBot is used in the i-scream system to provide an IRC Bot to relay alert information to a public channel on an IRC server.



ChoonBot uses a combination of BrowseAmp and PircBot to create an IRC bot that lets people control the music being played by Winamp.

We use ChoonBot in our office so everyone can control what music we listen to. Hurrah for laziness!


A timesheet bot by Tom Shackell - a novel use indeed! Used by internship students, you tell it every day when you start and stop working and then it can give you the information to put on your timesheet at the end of the week.



This bot helps out players of roleplay games online (mostly shadowrun at present) and has a simple plugin system to add new commands. The rpgBot web site contains a download for this bot and nice documentation.

WolveNet GameBot


GameBot allows you to easily create games that can be played on IRC (using DCC Chat - Direct Client to Client). It takes away all administration of adding and removing players from games, opening and closing connections, and more.

TrustBot - Trust Networks on the Semantic Web


TrustBot is part of a project that is designed to build and maintain a trust network on the semantic web. TrustBot is the current interface to the trust network. The TrustBot analyzes the network and provides information and inferences about trust between two nodes. Among these statistics are information about the minimum and maximum length paths between two people, the paths with minimum and maximum flow, and a calculation to infer how much one person should trust another based on all of the paths between them. More details about the theoretical foundations of TrustBot can be found in the WWW2003 submission, "Trust Networks on the Semantic Web".

PieSpy - Social Network IRC Bot


Social Network IRC Bot screenshot

This IRC bot produces visualizations of social networks for IRC channels. The bot observes a set of channels and uses heuristics to build a social network (essentially a special type of graph) and then generates an automatic graph drawing of this data.

Tundra IRC


Tundra IRC is an IRC client written entirely in Java, to ensure compatability with any platform. It sports a clean, tabbed interface, and supports multiple channels and servers. The primary reason it was written is because there are no suitable IRC clients for Mac OS X, and Tundra IRC hopes to fill that void. This project makes use of the PircBot Java IRC framework.


ManyBot is a simple program that instantiates many PircBots and tells them all to join the same server and start sending messages. The number of fake clients an be chosen and may be useful for testing the maxiumum load of an IRC server.

NNTP Bot (Athena)

This bot periodically checks a chosen set of announcement news groups to see if there are any new messages on them. If there are new messages, it will tell everyone on the channels the bot is in. A special channel is used to convey more detailed information about individual posts, such as the subject, poster and message ID:

<Athena> [ukc.announce] Canoe Club "xyz" <xyz@kent.ac.uk>
<Athena> [ukc.adverts] O2 Sims for 5 "xyz" <xyz@kent.ac.uk>
<Athena> [ukc.adverts] Minidisc Players For Sale "xyz" <xyz@kent.ac.uk>

IRC plugin for Tekadence Magik


The IRC plugin is a module for Tekadence Magik (currently in development), that enables developers to create IRC client/Bot applications using Tekadence Magik. There are many other tools such as WinBot and Eggdrop, that do basically the same thing, however, Magik offers a compelling alternative because of its sophistication and ease-of-use.



Markov is an IRC chatterbot which strives to imitate other chatters, based on statistical properties of the messages. The web site explains how it works and shows you how to configure it very well. This bot used to be based on relayirc, but now uses PircBot instead!



quackDuck sits in a single channel and provides a number of services. The development version can sit in multiple channels and provides a unique experience to each channel through its supported commands.

Azureus bittorrent client


Azureus is a full Java bittorrent client that uses PircBot to power its built in IRC client, allowing users to chat to each other.

XNap IRC plugin


XNap provides a plugin enabled framework for peer-to-peer (P2P) applications and a client which is based on that framework. The xnap-pircbot-plugin allows you to use XNap as a regular IRC client. The plugin also uses PircBot to do DCC file transfers.



PickupBot is a automated system used to organize pickup games on IRC.



JBot is another Java-based IRC bot but with a twist. JBot is architected as a small kernel augmented by dynamically loadable and updatable plugins. Plugins are trivial to write and deploy.

Some of the plugins are: Bullshit, Command, Ebonify, Factoid, Google, Idle, Insult, Javadoc, Karma, Nickometer, Regex, Seen, Statistics and Time.



If you use IRC all day and you like to see your events coming through that medium, then WebProxyBOT is designed for you. It allows UNIX scripts to easily send quick status messages to your IRC channel. For example, you could have a cron task that checks for disk space and if it gets too low, it would trigger a message to your IRC channel. This bot is written by Alan Williamson, the Editor-at-Large of Java Developer's Journal. Visit his blog to find out more about this bot.



Javabot is a clean-room implementation of the blootbot IRC bot, with some vast omissions and some extra features. Check out the web page for the list of supported commands.



mobibot's main functionality is to capture URLs posted on the channel. The URLs are automatically gathered into a publishable RSS feed. Other features include:

To use mobibot, simply join #mobitopia on irc.freenode.net.

JBouncer IRC Proxy


JBouncer is an IRC proxy (sometimes known as an IRC Bouncer) that lets you stay connected to IRC while you're on the move. It supports multiple servers and multiple clients on each session. JBouncer uses PircBot to connect to IRC servers.



IdlerBot is a simple bot that spawns multiple idlers (clones) in an IRC channel. The web site contains binaries, source and documentation.

s0ke: the bot


s0keb0t is an infomercial bot that extends L in channels on IRC (Quakenet). It has a lot of other features too, so check them out on the web page.



TellyBot is an IRC bot that provides an interface to TV listings information from an IRC channel. It currently allows you to search for programmes, find out about programmes and set reminders for programmes.



A bot that supports live plugging of new classes, local/remote GUI configuration, searching of players on SoF2/Quake3 and a google function. You can also request new features and receive support in the hexBot forums.


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