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Having recently acquired a Nokia 7610, I thought I'd invest an evening in learning how to program in J2ME. Five hours later, I'd produced a couple of useful MIDlets to run on this Symbian Series 60 device.

Wake-on-LAN MIDlet

Download WakeOnLan.jar and WakeOnLan.jad

Having already written a basic Wake-on-LAN client in J2SE, I thought it would be interesting to see how easily it could be ported to J2ME. Despite the vastly cut-down API, it wasn't too difficult. In fact, this is possibly better than my original Wake-on-LAN client, as it has a GUI and saves its state so you do not have to re-enter the IP and MAC address each time you run it.


Crossword Solver MIDlet

Download CrosswordSolver.jar and CrosswordSolver.jad

I don't normally 'do' crosswords, but whenever I visit Scotland I invariably end up looking at one and getting stumped over the occasional clue.

I kept thinking how tempting it would be to cheat and use a computer to find out the answers, but it was never that easy to lug my computer all the way up to Scotland. Now that I actually have a phone with a reasonable processor on it, I thought I'd have a go at implementing a mobile crossword solver.

My first idea was to provide a simple web interface to an online crossword puzzle solver. I wasn't so keen on this idea, as the cost of bandwidth is not cheap here in the UK. So I decided to go for a totally standalone approach, using a dictionary stored on the phone. This contained over 90,000 words but compressed to about 300kb. Seeing as the phone came with 64mb of memory, I thought I could live with that.

After testing my crossword solver in the J2ME Toolkit Emulator, I was worried about how long it took to run. Oddly enough, when I tried the program on my phone, it ran about 100 times faster. Now it can certainly guess answers faster than I can :)

crossword solver crossword solver results

Other MIDlets

I have also written another J2ME MIDlet to calculate the depth of field with 35mm camera lenses.


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