T-Gauge Templates

Tennis Courts and Football Pitch Templates

If you're after some 1/450 scale tennis courts (or even a full size football pitch) for your T gauge model railway layout, all you have to do is print these templates out onto glossy white paper.

The white lines in each template are made slightly wider than they should be — this is to allow for a reasonable amount of bleed from the surrounding colours when printed. For best results, I would recommend using glossy paper in a colour laser printer. To add extra realism, apply weathering effects and construct a net from very fine gauze.

T-Gauge Tennis Courts

T-Gauge Tennis Court Download: T-gauge-tennis-courts.pdf
These 1/450 scale tennis courts are approximately 6cm long, including borders. I initially made these for my own T-gauge layout, but the PDF file now also contains two brown tarmac netball courts in addition to the tennis courts with grass and clay coloured surfaces.

T-Gauge Football Pitch

T-Gauge Football Pitch Download: T-gauge-fooball-pitch.pdf
This 1/450 scale full size football pitch is probably only suitable for larger T-gauge layouts, as it only just fits on a sheet of A4 paper. Its scale length is more than 100 metres.


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