The Book of Impossible Sudoku

Truly impossible puzzles to outwit and annoy puzzle addicts

Impossible Sudoku book cover

By Paul Mutton
April 2008
Contains 100 impossible sudoku puzzles
4.99 (UK)
Distributed in more than 100 countries (approximate prices: $9.10 or 7.30)

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"The hardest Sudoku book I've ever seen... These puzzles are impossible!"

An impossible Sudoku puzzle from the book

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The Book of Impossible Sudoku is an ideal gag gift. It contains 100 different Sudoku puzzles that all look possible at first glance, but turn out to be impossible to solve if you dare to try!

From the final page of the book:

If you've attempted to solve any of the Sudoku puzzles in this book, you may by now have noticed that they are rather difficult to complete; in fact, all of the puzzles in this book are truly impossible.

Every puzzle has been derived from a set of valid Sudoku puzzles. Each valid puzzle consists of 24 initial values and was analysed to ensure that there is a unique solution.

One of the numbers in each valid puzzle was then altered, such that the apparent integrity of the puzzle was preserved. This simply means that the change did not result in more than one identical number appearing in the same row, column or box. Each new puzzle was exhaustively analysed to ensure that there were no possible solutions.

All puzzles that turned out to have no possible solutions were included in this book. The process of generating the impossible puzzles was carried out automatically using a Java program, and exported to EPS format using the EpsGraphics2D package at

So — you may now be wondering, "What is the point of The Book of Impossible Sudoku?" Well, you're reading this page, so it's clearly got your attention somehow.

This book was originally envisaged as a joke — a gag gift that you can give to your Sudoku-loving enemies; or maybe you simply want to keep a copy on your bookshelf to taunt your guests? Either way, you can enjoy watching people's frustration as they attempt to solve the puzzles in this book, only to reach the inevitable deadlock where they are unable to proceed — possibly believing that they have made a mistake somewhere along the line.

Of course, the nature of this book will become apparent when your victims stumble upon this page; however, the solution is simple: find a pair of scissors and you will realise why this is the last page in the book...

How to buy The Book of Impossible Sudoku

The Book of Impossible Sudoku can be purchased online using credit card or PayPal. The price within the UK is 4.99, although the book is also distributed to more than 100 other countries and can be purchased in US Dollars or Euros. Let me know if you enjoy the book!


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