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Mr Paul James Mutton BSc (Hons), MCIJ
Date of birth
Some time in 1979
Near Bath, United Kingdom
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"It's been great working with you, Paul. Your writing is a dream, your focus is amazing, and your punctuality is surprising in authors, quite frankly. I'd work with you any day."
- Rael Dornfest, CTO at O'Reilly Media.

Formal Qualifications

A-level exams taken at the Norton Knatchbull School, Ashford, Kent in 1998:

APhysicsOxford & Cambridge
AFurther MathematicsLondon

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Relevant Experience and Achievements


IRC Hacks Cover

Peer and Editor Reviewed Publications


Sports and Hobbies

I participate in a variety of sports including table tennis, in which I have competed at local league level. I also enjoy ten-pin bowling, trampolining, basketball and cycling on a recreational level. I operate my own photography business - Intershot Ltd - which sells stock photography from media and sporting events and weddings. I like to create visualizations of social networks and create autonomous clients for Internet Relay Chat, which paved the way to writing a book about IRC in my spare time.


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