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Comic Bot is an IRC bot based on the PircBot framework. It sits quietly in a channel, observing what people say. When it sees something that may have been amusing, it quickly generates a cartoon comic strip which can be viewed on the web. The frequency at which this page updates is obviously dependant on how busy (and how funny!) the channel is.

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ComicBot is written by the author of PircBot. There are several different background images that are randomly selected to be used for each comic strip. Thanks to the following for helping to create comic strips for use with ComicBot:-

Thanks also to Jo Crossley and Adam Saunders for the beanie bear photos. See. I told you all I didn't take those photos :)

Download Comic Bot

Please note that this program is what I would openly describe as a "quick, dirty hack". For this reason, I do not provide any support for it. The only reason it's here is because people kept asking for it. So here it is. There is a bot.ini file that contains useful settings. Feel free to edit the source code if you need to change anything else. If you use it, it would be nice if you could link to this page so others know where to get it. Java 1.4 or greater is required.

If you run ComicBot in a non-graphical environment (e.g. a Unix console that does not have access to an X server) you will need to pass the following command line paramter to java: -Djava.awt.headless=true

ComicBot is also featured in the O'Reilly book IRC Hacks. The hack shows you how to set up and use ComicBot, as well as to create your own custom comic strip templates.

ComicBot Links

Here are some links to other ComicBot users:

If you would like me to link to your output, please contact me.


This software product is OSI Certified Open Source Software, available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Since the GPL may be too restrictive for use in proprietary applications, a commercial license is also provided.

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