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This web site receives approximately 600,000* page requests per month.

If you wish to promote your company, products or services to the target audience of this web site, you may like to consider becoming an exclusive sponsor.

*Daily average of 21,438 page requests in February 2004, according to Webalizer Version 2.01.

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The exclusive sponsorship option gives your company the opportunity to be the only advertiser at the top of each page on this web site. These adverts can be made using text or graphics.

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The exclusive sponsorship option is available as a weekly or monthly run. The prices are as follows:

Each run is payable via PayPal or check/cheque prior to its start. Please contact me for further details. Prices are in GBP (United Kingdom Pounds), or the equivalent amount in US Dollars at current exchange rates.


If you wish to discuss your interest in becoming an exclusive sponsor of this web site, please contact me. Sponsorship is available on a first come, first served basis, with priority being given to monthly runs.


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