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Jibble NetDraw is a Java program that facilities group working over a network, or even the internet. A shared server allows group members to exchange simple text messages and make use of a shared drawing area in realtime.

The "whiteboard" can be used for freehand sketches or you may make use of a number of primitives, ranging from boxes and ovals to simple UML class diagrams.

The system is simple and convenient to run, comprising of just two small components - a server and a client.


Client screenshot

System screenshot

Jibble NetDraw Server

The Jibble NetDraw server runs on TCP port 1333. This port must be visible to all clients that wish to connect. If you are behind a firewall, then please contact your network administrator.

To run the server, you simple type the following:

java -jar NetDraw-Server.jar org.jibble.netdraw.server.NetDrawServerMain

Alternatively, you may be able to do just the following:

java -jar NetDraw-Server.jar

If your system is set up correctly, then you may even be able to run the server by double-clicking on the NetDraw-Server.jar file.

Jibble NetDraw Client

The Jibble NetDraw client allows a user to connect to a server and participate in collaborative discussions using the message area and shared whiteboard. You must connect to a server before you are able to start drawing. There is no need to specify the port number on which the server is running.

To run the client, you simple type the following:

java -jar NetDraw-Client.jar org.jibble.netdraw.client.NetDrawClientMain

Alternatively, you may be able to do just the following:

java -jar NetDraw-Client.jar

If your system is set up correctly, then you may even be able to run the client by double-clicking on the NetDraw-Client.jar file.

Note that you must have installed a Java Runtime Environment in order to run Java programs. Please read this guide on How to set up Java if you need help.

Miscellaneous jibble

Jibble NetDraw was written a few years ago and took less than a day to make. Please note that it is unfinished, yet it was decided that it was functional and useful enough for other people to use, so it made its way onto the web. It is ideal for collaborative discussions of final year projects over the internet :)

As usual, please send all feature requests, feedback and bug reports to the email address at the bottom of this page.


This software product is OSI Certified Open Source Software, available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Since the GPL may be too restrictive for use in proprietary applications, a commercial license is also provided.

Purchase a commercial license for this software.


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