Mortgage Calculator

Land yourself mortgage-free by making overpayments

Step 1: Mortgage
Remaining balance
 Enter the total amount left to pay off your mortgage.
Remaining term
 The number of years left to pay off your mortgage.
25 years is typical for first time buyers.
Mortgage interest rate %
 And what is the interest rate on your mortgage?
Monthly repayment
 How much is your standard monthly repayment?
Overpayment amount
 And how much would you like to overpay each month?
Making an overpayment will result in less interest and result in your mortgage being paid off faster.
Step 2: Personal Savings
Current savings
 How much money have you got saved up already?
Do not include any money that you will be using as a house deposit.
Monthly savings
 How much money do you expect to be able to save up each month?
(This amount should not include standard mortgage repayments or overpayments)
Interest on savings %
 What is the interest rate on your savings account?
If you're not sure, leave this at 0.
Step 3: Click the button!
 Results will be displayed below.


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