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Another KiteCam auction on eBay

By popular demand, the genuine KiteCam bubblewrap casing is now for sale on eBay, with free postage and packing.

Check out the KiteCam eBay auction.

"This case utilizes the latest high tech polymer and composite construction techniques. The space age bubblewrap casing is strongly bound by stylish brown parcel tape, with a toilet roll used to reinforce the critical area around the camera lens. The high tensile string serves a dual purpose, being used to restrict movement of the payload as well as securing the package to a kite or similar airborne carrier."

The "Buy It Now" price is a very reasonable 1000000. Alternatively, you might like to take advatage of the 0.01 starting bid.

16 Oct 2004 - 13:46:10 BST
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